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PSST ~ Protecting Surrey Schools Together is a website for the students of the Surrey School District. It is a place for students to write articles, share their experiences and connect with each other in a safe environment. PSST also provides reliable information on important issues that affect students. The youth resources section is written and reviewed regularly by school district staff, with new content being added all the time.


BC Eduction Plan ~ B.C. has a strong education system, but there is no denying that our world is changing rapidly. New jobs are constantly being created, and technology is changing the way we communicate and connect with each other. Under BC’s Education Plan, our system will be more flexible, dynamic and adaptable to better prepare students. A more personalized approach to learning is already happening in schools around the province. Now, we want all B.C. students to share in these changes. read more


The Neufeld Institute ~ Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D. provides education and training to adults involved with children using the attachment-based developmental model created by psychologist Gordon Neufeld. The populations served are parents, foster parents, educators and helping professionals in English, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish and Swedish. The education and training is provided through personalized study programs as well as through presentations, seminars and courses, including video courses. The Neufeld Institute also trains individuals to deliver this education and training…
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Barry MacDonald ~ An educator and Registered Clinical Counsellor who is a champion for strong families, strong schools, and an advocate for boys. A sought-after speaker and authority on boys and learning, he has worked with parents, educators, and youth for over twenty-five years, nationally and internationally.

To learn more about Barry MacDonald click the links below:


Saleema Noon ~ Young enough to relate to children and teens, but experienced enough to understand the issues faced by educators, health care professionals and parents, Saleema Noon earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Sciences at UBC. An interest in unplanned pregnancies and the incidence of sexually transmitted infections among teens led her to research the quality of sexual health education in B.C. high schools, earning her a Masters degree in sexual health education, also from UBC.

To learn more about Saleema Noon and her group click the link below


Anti Bullying ~ Stop A Bully is a national non-profit organization and Canada-wide anti-bullying program developed by a B.C. teacher which allows any student who is a victim or witness of severe bullying to be able to safely report the details to school officials without risk of becoming a target themselves. The Stop A Bully program helps increase bullying awareness & accountability within schools to allow officials to be more proactive in preventing serious incidents of bullying. Stop A Bully provides schools with critical information to be proactive in assisting all students who are witness, target and perpetrator of school bullying. Stop A Bully provides assistance to any student in any school in Canada.


Kidproof ~ Your resource for Child Safety in the Lower-mainland, BC
Kidproof was formed in 2000 by Samantha Wilson, a former police officer and internationally recognized expert in child and family safety. As a cop, Samantha received fantastic, informative, cutting-edge child safety information that was only being shared by law enforcement and other helping agencies. The information was not “top secret” but had no way of reaching those who needed it most – the kids. So she formed Kidproof to do just that.

Your two local franchisees – Meher and Blair – offer Kidproof classes in:  Delta, Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, Burnaby and New Westminster.

What we do is teach your children about their own personal safety with fun, interactive child safety workshops, building their confidence and self esteem.


School District 36 ~ The Surrey School District was formed in 1906. It has the largest student enrollment in British Columbia and is one of few growing districts in the province. It is governed by a publicly elected board of seven trustees representing the cities of Surrey and White Rock.

The district serves the cities of Surrey and White Rock and the rural area of Barnston Island, with a total area of approximately 328 square kilometres.

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