What is PAC?


Every parent with a child at Ocean Cliff Elementary is a member of the OC Parent Advisory Council (OC PAC).

The OC Parent Advisory Council aims to:

  • Promote/facilitate communication between parents, the school (teachers/administration) and the District.
  • Actively and positively support OC school spirit, and social responsibility.
  • Support the enrichment of the elementary school experience for our children through volunteering at the school, coordinating events or programs, and through fundraising.

Did you know?  The PAC is governed by a Constitution!  For all the info about the PAC, the roles and how it is run, download a copy of the OC PAC Constitution here.



The OC PAC Executive, which is elected in May of each year, coordinates the talents of the many parent volunteers to achieve the maximum benefit for the students and the school. Some parents are involved primarily in fundraising activities. Others are diligently occupied with ensuring that the funds raised are spent wisely on programs and needs within the school. Many parents volunteer their time to ensure the school is a safer, better, and more enjoyable place. The PAC is a great demonstration of our caring as parents. We all seek to ensure that our children have the best education in a safe and caring environment. We want OC to be the best it can possibly be!

There are 4 executive positions on the OC PAC. All are elected at the AGM in May for a two-year term.

Executive PAC members attend the PAC general meeting once a month at the school. The meetings are run in the morning from 9-10am, or, in the afternoons from 1-2pm, or occasionally, in the evening from 7-8pm (usually run 1-1 1/2 hrs depending on the agenda).


  • President – The senior officer of the PAC Executive committee.
  • Vice President – Provides support to the senior officer.
  • Treasurer – Manages the finances for the PAC, including coordinating the budget documents, making bank deposits and distributing funds.
  • Secretary – Responsible for recording and keeping the minutes of all PAC executive and general meetings and forwarding them to the Executive and the Principal for approval before posting to the website.



The Surrey School District 36 also has a Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC), they hold monthly meetings throughout the school year, all parents with children enrolled within the district are welcome to attend.  You will find their site at http://www.surreydpac.ca

  • DPAC Representative – Attends DPAC meetings and represents, speaks, and votes on behalf of the PAC. Reports to PAC on matters relating to the DPAC. (DPAC stands for District Parent Advisory Council.)

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